Friday, August 23, 2013

Not So Tough

By Tom King

We are not so tough as we'd like to believe
  Nor so wise as we think.
There are always some more tough than we
  And others more smart.

In the great and fabled "wash"
  The thing everything is supposed to all come out in,
There is, of necessity,
  A certain quantity of soap

It stings our eyes
   Burns our open wounds
Makes our skin tingle
   And puts everything into a great lather.

But, it is believed by many, that we all
   Need a good wash sometimes.
No matter how tough, no matter how strong;
  No matter how wise we think we are.

© 3/29/2002 – at Lake Palestine

Friday, August 9, 2013

Across the Void, Fingertips Afire

With fingertips afire
Reaching out
Into the unknown
Time and space untrodden.

Holding hands is to love 
What making first contact 
With an alien race 
Would be to mankind. 

It is that first tenuous 
And terrifying leap 
Across the void 
That changes everything.  

Tom King
© 2013