Friday, May 20, 2016

April 20 - A Good Life

A Good Life

By Tom King

You know I've had a good life all in all
The usual struggles of course, but then
That comes with the territory I suppose.
It's not so bad getting old if you don't
Have a lot of high expectations.
I've got more books than I can read,
A few I've yet to write,
More films than I can watch,
More trails than I can walk,
And Sabbaths stretching out for eternity,
Even if I sleep through a few of them along the way.
I wish you lovely Sabbath days
And if you don't live to see it,
May you be safely tucked in
Until Jesus comes looking for you.
© May 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mamaw's Hands

Mamaw’s Hands

By Sheila King

The withered hands once strong and sure,
   Though weighed with time and trembling now,
Moved by love, through pain made pure;
   Oft touched the fevered brow

They toiled in diligence and patient love,
   The precious fruits of life to tend,
As though guided from above
   All cares, all sorrows, theirs to mend.

Frail hands I wrap safe up in mine,
One last sweet touch, then softly gone
To fold in rest until the time
They wake and journey on.

© 2016