Friday, May 31, 2013


An Acrostic by Tom King

Will I with courage face the closing of the day?

In wrapping up my life will I be done?

No, I expect to leave unfinished business here

Don't grieve for I have fought my war and won.

(c) 2012

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sheila, Laughing-Eyed

Sheila, laughing-eyed
sparkles about the room
tugging, pulling snapping
sliding silkily into her clothes
immensely pleased with us

Sheila, laughing-eyed,
sparkles up and down
the little world we live in
now patting her swollen tummy;
now stealing a kiss as she passes

Sheila, laughing eyed, full of love
bubbling over………..

© 1974, 2013 by Tom King

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I used to like to stand on stumps
Pretending all around the muck and mire
Of Earth lay a thousand feet below me and
Had left me standing all alone upon a spire.

It made me dizzy.

I used to like to sit up in a tree
And watch the pretty girls go swinging by.
Like birds aware of watchers in the foliage,
A flip of hair, a glance up and on they fly.

They made me dizzy.

I touched her hand – a brief electric moment
During which, God smacked me hard upside my head.
"This is the one who’ll wrap your heart up and take it home.
Take care of her, she’s mine,” was what He said.

She still makes me dizzy.

© 2013


by Tom King 

Did you hear tomorrow on the wind?
I did, just then, a whisper like leaves rustling
Expectantly, waiting for me to catch up;
Tomorrow runs ahead, a puppy chasing frisbees.
Romping off across the meadow in roughly the direction
Of my errant lead, bending the blades of grass
Without breaking them or leaving tracks behind.
Did you see today when it sneaked in early?
It startled me; bumped me out of bed.
Slothfully lying in late without a doctor's note,
Today drags me hour to hour to hour;
Relentless, one foot before the other weaving
Back and forth between the sun, its rise and fall,
Tracing the tracks I leave in the dirt.
Do you feel yesterday watching you from the bushes?
There's this feeling you get on the back of your neck,
Prickly, warm like you forgot something you needed.
Yesterday dogs your heels, catches up from time to time
Poking you on occasion, making you think
About the ruts you made back down the road; nagging.
Should you be going this way at all?

© 2011

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

After You've Gone

"Eeyore" by Micah King
by Tom King

The cold mountain path
Wends upward; takes me farther
Step by Step from you

A haiku - (c) 2011