Tuesday, May 30, 2017

April 29 – Absorbed


Science calls it flow.
   The way we get when we’ve found
Something that gets deep
    Under our skin and down in our bones.
That wraps us up like skin
    And warms us like a hearth ablaze.
We need it periodically
    To dive down into something that stretches
Our skills and tests our mettle
     And makes us gently better than we were before.
I’ve been that absorbed.
    It hurts in ways that feel like itches scratched
After which, we’re healed
     A little more each time; pressing a little further on
Toward mastery; competence
     Completeness - what you’ve always hoped to be.

 © 2017 by Tom King

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

April 28 - Pushing at the Edges

Narcisse Diaz De La Pena - Fontainblelau Forest

Pushing the Edges

I think we all get at life from the edges;
Pressing hard near the fences and the hedges.
The boundaries that keep us both out and in. So,
It depends which way you've set your mind to go,
As to whether you wind up where you first intended
Or found some other place where your story could have ended.

Anyway, only a bit of life is lived deliberately,
Most of it's more unfocused, much ado done vigorously,
And though it takes you roughly in your general direction,
Near enough that with the occasional course correction
You get somewhere that it was your original intention
To go had you chosen better and paid a great deal more attention.

I take the blame, though not without some reservation,
For though the roads turned, they were not themselves causation
Not entirely, for I could have gone a different way instead.
And sometimes I chose well, but sometimes I, the signs, misread.
Then it was stumbling through the brush, half-blind, trying hard to seize
Upon a beaten forest path I could not see from here - down among the trees.

Were we not promised accompaniment along this dusky path?
Were there not with us angels standing by to shield us from the wrath
Of forces cold, malevolent, hungry, utterly ill-intentioned?
Did we not feel evil press our edges, wolves best left unmentioned,
Lest they become substantial, too real to ignore, too hard to bear
Pressing us onto dark paths we had never really known were there?

Still, the light has kept pace for all this time that we have stumbled,
Forward, picking up our steps, while overhead the thunder rumbled.
And as we draw near the place to which our journey long has wended,
And glance back across our shoulders toward places where the light has ended,
It's harder as we take each step to feel regret for fences and the hedges
For we'd not be the one's we are without, we'd gently pressed the edges.

© 2017 by Tom King

Sunday, May 21, 2017

April 27 - Taking the Low Road

Taking the Low Road

It's spring and everybody's tired.
Even the geese are hitchhiking home.
All this excitement is exhausting,
The buffalo too pooped to roam.

But once the fawns are born,
And calves are calved in time
To get the herds on down the road
To summer and the growing time,

We'll take a moment to lie down
In the fields or on the beaches,
We'll catch the mountain breeze and fly,
Or challenge breakers out beyond the reaches.

It's spring but just this minute I can feel
The autumn chill wrap itself around my bones,
The cycle of the seasons winding down relentlessly,
To winter already humming low in icy tones.

I've been out walking with the geese
Today, in the quiet spring along the road.
Breathing in the promise of one season more,
While old river time around me flowed.

© 2017 by Tom King

Friday, May 12, 2017

April 26: Love - Action Verb

Love - Action Verb

Love is a verb - an action verb, actually
   It’s not something you simply feel.
You can’t gin it up out of nothing.
   Love happens when you love someone.
It happens when you love some thing.
   It is doing loving things that teach the heart
To feel inside what most of us call love.
   Act like you love some one, care for them and inevitably
You find that soon you feel love grow inside.
   So, how the hell do you “fall out of love”
If you have been doing things for one you love
   Without thought of payback for services rendered?
If you fall out of love the feeling, then, you never did
   Love the action verb to begin with. For love,
The doing kind of love, does not demand payment.
    Love is ever reaching out, not sitting back
And waiting for someone else to make it happy.
    Who loves fiercely with all heart and soul invested,
Is happy of himself and will be in love forever, full
   And overflowing, loved the best by those he loved the most.

© 2017 by Tom King

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April 25 – The Need for Solitude


The Need for Solitude

Sometimes you need a break.
From the news,
From all the greedy,
From the power hungry,
From the predators.
From being battered by a cruel and angry world.
         …. angry at itself for what its done.

Sometimes you need to fade
Into a place of peace
Into some retreat 
Into which a quieting comes
Into the wanderer’s soul
Into the world that He once made 
         …. better than it’s since become.

© 2017 by Tom King

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 24 Seasons


In the sweet September of the world,
Life was simpler, shorter, often brutal.
The pastoral world of peaceful sheep
Bucolic living illusive and futile.
The artists seldom told the truth,
Their patrons preferred their world scrubbed clean
And in their castles - liveried minions
Out there peasants neither heard nor seen

In the cold December of the world,
When life is longer, easier, more complex
An urban world replete with asphalt,
Life sure - always what each one expects.
Politicians seldom tell the truth,
The voters preferring comfortable illusions.
And in their cubicles – electronic drudges
Out there, pre-ordained conclusions.

One day the world will have its Spring
All new again, life full and overflowing,
A world pastoral, rolling on forever
Life unending, ever onward going.
Then summer and the seasons roll,
Life always ever growing, greening
As time will carry us along until,
Time itself no more has meaning.

© 2017 by Tom King