Friday, May 12, 2017

April 26: Love - Action Verb

Love - Action Verb

Love is a verb - an action verb, actually
   It’s not something you simply feel.
You can’t gin it up out of nothing.
   Love happens when you love someone.
It happens when you love some thing.
   It is doing loving things that teach the heart
To feel inside what most of us call love.
   Act like you love some one, care for them and inevitably
You find that soon you feel love grow inside.
   So, how the hell do you “fall out of love”
If you have been doing things for one you love
   Without thought of payback for services rendered?
If you fall out of love the feeling, then, you never did
   Love the action verb to begin with. For love,
The doing kind of love, does not demand payment.
    Love is ever reaching out, not sitting back
And waiting for someone else to make it happy.
    Who loves fiercely with all heart and soul invested,
Is happy of himself and will be in love forever, full
   And overflowing, loved the best by those he loved the most.

© 2017 by Tom King

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  1. Trying to get the rest of April's poetry challenge pieces polished up and posted. Here's the 26th.