Sunday, May 21, 2017

April 27 - Taking the Low Road

Taking the Low Road

It's spring and everybody's tired.
Even the geese are hitchhiking home.
All this excitement is exhausting,
The buffalo too pooped to roam.

But once the fawns are born,
And calves are calved in time
To get the herds on down the road
To summer and the growing time,

We'll take a moment to lie down
In the fields or on the beaches,
We'll catch the mountain breeze and fly,
Or challenge breakers out beyond the reaches.

It's spring but just this minute I can feel
The autumn chill wrap itself around my bones,
The cycle of the seasons winding down relentlessly,
To winter already humming low in icy tones.

I've been out walking with the geese
Today, in the quiet spring along the road.
Breathing in the promise of one season more,
While old river time around me flowed.

© 2017 by Tom King

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