Thursday, January 12, 2017

Roses as Garnish

Roses as Garnish

Our doe has left her hoofprints
In the new snow along the driveway
On either side, the prints of her young in tow
A yearling and a spring fawn.

We call them ours
For they live in our wood,
And feed in the bogs and gardens
And steal fruit from our apple trees.

I’d buy some bags of corn
And set it out for them except
If I did the neighbors would complain
About the roses eaten as a garnish.

We never know, deer nor dog
Nor human being, just when to stop
Nibbling at the flowers even
When there is plenty of corn to be had.

© by Tom King

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Plush Angels

Plush Angels

It’s in their eyes you see it
Trust looking back at you from dark pools;
Eyes shining full of animal love.
Dogs and horses are like that you know.
God’s plush angels; ministering spirits
Unconditional love in those eyes
The master teacher delivering lessons
Through the humblest of teacher’s aides.

By Tom King

© 2017