Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just Us Two Against the Tide

Just Us Two Against the Tide
by Tom King

Just us two, holding hands against the darkling sea..
Fingers interlocked to keep the tides at bay.
Just the act of breathing seems a current pressing hard against our shins,
Threatening to knock us down and wash us clean away.

If Someone built the sea and time and tide - brick by tiny atom brick
Then standing in the rush of it, we'll cling tight together so we do not fall.
And if we are snatched away with the passage of the sea and time
I will not let go your hand. He may have us both or not at all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Daisy's Brown Eyes Shining

Daisy's Brown Eyes Shining

She ate my sock again today
A gesture that was meant with true affection.
Brown eyes looked up at me for sign
That I approved what lovingly was meant.
And when I barked in my gruff style
She cut those dark brown shining eyes at me
A sadder thing you will not see
A dog's regret for unintended crimes.

by Tom King © 2010

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rose Day

Rose Day
by Tom King

I plucked a flower from God's garden.
   A precious rose it's edges dew drop lined
Not because she was what I deserved
   But because my God was being kind.
And for all the years that yet may come
   Unfaded, I will hold her close to me
Kept safely sheltered in my heart for yet
   Uncounted ages of eternity.

© 10/7/2013