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Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 23 – Pastoral Hymn

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April 23 –  Pastoral Hymn

O’ Father I have heard Your voice
In the stillness of the night.
And at Your feet I’ve learned to love,
To ever do what’s right.

Father I will lift to You
Each wounded soul you send
That I should be Your loving hands
Your goodness thus to spend.

O’ Father I have seen Your face
In wind and waves and sun,
And on the wide and rolling plain
And mountains where the rivers run.

Father I will bring to you
Each lost and weary heart
That I should find along my way
Your love to each impart.

O’ Father I have touched the streams
Of mercy from Your hand
And caught a glimpse of majesty
I cannot understand.

Father I receive from You
All that my heart can hide
And in the shelter of Your love
Forever I’ll abide.

© 2017 by Tom King

Friday, April 28, 2017

April 22 - Research Assistants


Research Assistant

Short but an
Exciting life
As tools of science
Relishing their part in
Cooperating with that
High science and researchish stuff
And contributing to the steady but
Slow but inevitable progress that
Science enjoys thanks to thes exploitation
Imposed upon our small furry friends the dormice
Silently and patiently running those mazes and
Taking medications meant for much larger creatures than
Are they themselves and who fancy that they are better looking;
Not little mammals with ugly tails who cannot talk back to us
To tell us that perhaps they aren’t very happy to be tested so.

© 2017 by Tom King

April 21 - Earth Day

Earth Day Founder Ira Einhorn

Earth Day

What fun we’ll have today. A grand old
Excuse to get back to nature, kick up our heels
On what once was Lenin’s birthday, but now a day
For making people feel guilty about their SUVs.

I remember that grand first Earth Day,
Founded by two senators one Democrat
And one who was Republican.
And a psychotic hippie environmental activist.

Who beat his girlfriend to death, composted her,
Then ran for Europe where they’re more progressive.
We don’t talk about that these days.
Instead we carry on about settled science

And how wonderful it would be if we had
A global government with environmentalist teeth to make
Developed nations, that Bill Nye says should be like Niger
Where they emit less carbon and sixty-one percent are poor,

Where they have the highest infant mortality in the world,
And live 18 fewer years than the rest of us.
And are miserable, dying, exploited, and despairing
Living worse than animals do on an American farm.

So we sing about a future, bright with gulags, tyrants,
Death, poverty, and disease in equal measure.
Misery for all for what we’ve done to the great rock
We Earth day celebrants anthropomorphize as Gaeia.

….And worship with sex, drugs, rock, and communism.

 ©  2017 by Tom King

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 20 - Wonder

April 20 – Wonder

I still remember that sense of wonder
I had as a kid growing older.
I remember the feeling of joy that came
With each surprise that we stumbled over.
We came equipped with it, like socks.
That keep our feet warm, wonder keeps,
Our hearts warm and ready to burst,
With the joy that both laughs and weeps.

For those of us that nurtured wonder,
Taking it out ever once in a while,
For the occasional outing in the wide world,
Wonder grows stronger each mile
That we travel till the road turns gray.
In our journey down life’s byways and lanes.
We may grow slow and weary with time
But wonder still with us remains.

© 2017 by Tom King

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 19 - I Do Not Age

I Do Not Age

Merlin the Magician had the right idea;
Deciding to age backwards each day.
As he explained to the Wart, "You see I do not age..."
Fingers steepled, "I youthen," he'd say.

So when I was sixty I decided  that I
Like the wizard would put age on the shelf.
No more getting older year after year,
I'd just start getting younger myself.

But now that I'm going on fifty-seven again,
I think the rest of me might just disagree.
My hip thinks it's ninety four, perhaps ninety five
My knees tell me they're near eighty three.

My shoulder says it's almost hit seventy-two.
My pancreas?  It's eleventy nine.

My back, though, for some reason, oddly enough,
Seems it's going with me back in time.

So now I'm a jumble of parts disconnected.
My hair has gone white since my youth.
You'd think it would bother me aging this way,
But I'm okay with it to tell you the truth.

Something will give out one day in the future
Or maybe one day in the past.
Whichever way it's going what expires the first,
Should still last just as long as it lasts.

© 2017 by Tom King

April 18 - Dam It!

Dam It!

Beavers have the right idea.
The water's moving too fast?
Need a place away from the wolves?
Got a stream?  Well dam it!

So your life is out of control,
The pace is too fast.  Need to slow it,
So you have time to think before acting? 
Got life rushing by? Well dam it!

© 2017 by Tom King

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 17 - Rent-a-Grandpa

As a kid, I had grandfathers - some good, some not great.
But I've wanted to be one since I was twenty.
So I saved up some bits of my youth for the day
I'd have grandkids and great grandkids aplenty.

We had three of our own and we thought that should do it
To insure our descendants continue to breed
A generation or two at the least, but it seems,
That grandkids weren't something we need.

So I'm a cranky old geezer with a garage full of toys
I've left my canoes and my paddles behind.
My fishing pole's somewhere in Texas without me,
My sailboat's a memory that drifts 'cross my mind.

I'm a grandpa without any grandkids,
Got no one to teach funny songs to.
Or bounce on my knee. I can't tell my stories
To some kids that I actually belong to.

So, I just look like a grandpa, I've got the white hair.
I know all the grandpa stuff I need to know
So, I'm available to rent, just send your kids over.
I've toy soldiers and will tune up the banjo.

 © 2017 by Tom King