Thursday, June 1, 2017

April 30 - An ABCDErian on Social Justice

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An ABCDErian on Social Justice

Bill in
Congress can’t
Design people
Even a little
Finer with a new law.
Greater people don’t come from
Having lots of laws to hedge them
In. You cannot change living people
Just by applying pressure from outside.
Kicks don’t work for teaching principles to kids
Likewise one cannot pound goodness into human
Men and women. It doesn’t even work with horses.
Nowhere, nowhen does law enforced entirely with bullwhips
Or chains cause hearts to become better or people to become
Purer or to obey moral laws. Such things only teach to fear
Quickening the rebellion that responds in human hearts to bully
Ruffian discipline by resisting with stubborn implacable rage.
Slaves, even well-kept ones revolt against their masters and eventually
Take up arms to free themselves from even the most kindly lordly rule when promised
Utopia fails to materialize and the sun comes up to reveal the sham,
Virtually naked in the light of day. The smoldering ruin stark, shadows of smoke
Withering upward sucks the last of life and breath from the empty husks left by masters who
X’ed their servants out. Their own willing hands given in service to collectivism little more,
You can see in retrospect, than a binding into bundles to be burned for a temporary warmth;
Zeppelins that touched the mast, sparked, burst in flame and death taking all to Earth, uneducated, lessons learned.

© 2017 by Tom King