Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Old Knife

An Old Knife

Chopping leftover onions into tiny bits
Destined for the freezer with some green peppers
My eyes tearing up. Thank goodness I've the onions to blame
The old knife whispers softly as it works.

Beside my pile of onions on the cutting board
Lies the shiny never-needs-to-be-sharpened
Marvel of the cutlery art I bought in the aisle
At Sam's from a demonstrator with a slick patter.

He tossed tomatoes into the air and cut them smooth in half
A single swipe of the "Amazing Eversharp Knife".
So I bought the set for my Sweetie
She says I never sharpen knives.

I mostly use an ancient paring knife for slicing and dicing
Whittled down to a long thin blade by time and years
Scraping back and forth against the patient whetstone.
Old knives are best though you do have to sharpen them from time to time.

(c) 2014 by Tom King