Saturday, June 18, 2016

April 21 - Mouths Wide Open

Mouths Wide Open
by Tom King

Mama bird cussed me out today
I got too near her hungry brood.
Her babes have hatched she didn't say
I knew it by her attitude.

She doesn't mind so much when I
Go out to water the flowers and plants.
She calmly watches me pass by
With my dripping plastic watering cans.

I, beside the planter, left her a bit of seed,
But now the eggs have hatched that she has lain;
The nest is filled with hungry mouths to feed.
And she'll no longer tolerate my artificial rain.

She sits, a bit of seed held in her beak
And chitters angrily at me - no song
From a nearby branch she'll chirp and squeak,
At me till I consent to move along.

Five open mouths wait for their mama there
Packed cheek to cheek they cheep and call,
Open-mouthed, demanding mama's instant care.
And I remember what it was when ours were small. 
It's seems we moms and dads were always shoving
Food or drink down open mouths; taking them to pee
They demanded time, energy, and unconditional loving.
And we were as tired as mama bird must be.

Were we ever such tiny hungry mouths to feed?
All day did our poor mamas stumble back and forth,
Till she had tended to her childrens' never-ending need,
 And gave and gave again for all that she was worth.

I left more seed this blustery afternoon so she,
Would not have to fly so far to feed her bunch.
And then I called my mother just to see
If maybe she would let me take her out to lunch.

© 2016 by Tom King