Friday, May 17, 2013

Under Orders

©  2013 by Tom King

I am being petty and I know it
My feelings hurt, I pull the strings unpliant
The strings that only I know how to pull
To unravel plans that needed my compliance.

No one asked if I would like to do the job
It was just assumed and pressed upon me
“Had I the time?” was never asked.
“Had I the heart?” Consideration that was not to be.

I showed them they should not assume,
To count on me without a thought,
As to whether I even wanted to be counted on,
 Their eyes were fixed upon the prize for which they fought.

But I was wrong for I am under orders.
If they tell me carry one, I carry two.
If I’m to walk a mile, I volunteer to walk another.
And I’m ashamed at that expected task I did not do.

The very ones who call on me, they call me fool
To accept such a command and just obey
No thought should someone take advantage,
“Oh, yes and by the way……”

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