Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Fields of Hay

The fields of hay, drooping in the autumn rain,
Stand too late for harvest, sad and left behind.
But here in dry country, there is hope
The southwest winds will blow again
warm and strong and certain.
And the sagging shafts will lift their heads,
For the grass is strong, bred tough and patient,
And the harvest certain;
Only delayed a while by rain

© 1999 by Tom King

Friday, September 20, 2013


by Tom King
Suddenly it's fall. The cottonwoods announced it today
With a gold and russet ticker tape parade;
A shower of leaves raining down when a sudden breeze
Gusted among the treetops, shaking them loose.

Me and the dog, rambling down the lane, were caught up in it.
The crisp pop of dried leaves rattling down among the branches;
Blowing into loose drifts at my feet made me look up.
Gray clouds threaded across the fading blue sky.

The dog is excited. All the dogs along the lane are barking and jumping,
They smell the rabbits and the squirrels, making forays
From brambles, thickets and decaying trees, pillaging and storing
Their booty in treasure caches only they can find sometimes.

The season changed today, not on the official date
But on the schedule that the Earth and Sun decided.
We feel small, me and the dog, wandering the gravel roads;
There are bigger things going on that we may not meddle with.

Autumn came suddenly today.  Yesterday was summer.
Now it's fall - announced with a breathy whisper
Along the lane, beneath the cottonwood trees
An errant breeze pressed along by gray clouds.

It feels like a celebration, what with the dogs and squirrels and leaves
All a-twitter like kids let out of school, or going back after summer.
Something staged by He who spun out the worlds and placed us here,
To smile at Him when autumn is announced, all of a sudden.

© 2013 by Tom King
Written at the Carriage House – Puyallup, Washington

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Look Up









I Look Up

By Tom King

When I came this way, I never thought that life would lead me here.
I thought that I would see You, should I ever want You near.
"Where's God when you need him?" my cold comforters demand.
"Why is He not with you, if it's just...... to hold your hand?"

You ask me why,
When I'm standing at the bottom, I look up.
You ask me why,
When I've nowhere else to go, I still look up.
When my head is bowed in sorrow
And I cannot see tomorrow
For the darkness swirling round me I look up.
I still look up....

In the hour of my trial when I am most in need of grace
All around me, only darkness and I cannot see His face
This race I've run seems ended here, I'm been beaten to my knees
My battered heart is broken Lord, Oh where's......your promised peace?

They ask me why,
When all is lost I do not turn away.
They ask me why,
Where is He who made a promise that He'd stay
Beside me through the darkest vale,
Who promised He would never fail
And He'd be right here for me on my darkest day?
When I looked up....

It's not because I'm looking for a mansion made of gold
It's not because I hope to be quite rich when I am old
I'm stumbling, groping in the dark, not looking for reward.
I strain to hear the still small voice that guides me........ to my Lord

You ask me why
When I'm standing at the bottom I look up.
You ask me why
When I've nowhere else to go I still look up.
When I've reached my final day
I can do nothing but obey
And when the darkness overwhelms me I'll look up.
I'll still look up....

©  September 8, 2013