Saturday, November 8, 2014

An Unassuming Man

David Dwight Spencer (1958-2014)


An Unassuming Man

He was an unassuming man;
Quiet, moving at the periphery most times,
Sometimes unnoticed, but always noticing.

When something needed done,
He'd appear, toolbox in hand,
A crooked smile and easy-going manner.

A man's true heart is revealed,
Not by what he claims to have done
But by the work he leaves behind.

His handiwork remains in evidence;
Etched in wood and glass and plaster
And in the bones and sinews of his sons.

His heart remains with us a legacy,
One of the meek, who will indeed inherit,
The world made bright and new tomorrow.

He has slipped the surly bonds of Earth tonight.
He has skipped ahead in time and space
To where all Time must go to make its end.

And if he gets there just before us,
And we, at last catch up with him,
It's unlikely he will be unoccupied.

Who knows? But I expect that should
The Master Carpenter need something to be fixed,
That Dave will likely have his toolbox handy.

By Tom King
© 2014 - A tribute to my friend Dave Spencer

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