Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Out of Season

By Tom King

I live in the land of drizzle.
Nine months a year it's damp and my bones hurt.
It's kind of depressing but once or twice a winter,
We get snow; a fine dry powder you could probably ski on.

Never at Christmas though, but me being a Christmas junkie,
I cope by celebrating Christmas, whenever the ground is white.
It's okay to celebrate out of season I've decided.
That seems to me an important advantage of being a grownup.

I say “grownup”, but I never quite did it.
Grew up that is. I'm sixty years old and still a kid.
At least that's what my wife says and perhaps she's right.
I put up the lights and sing Christmas carols when the mood strikes me.

I sing Christmas carols in the dead of summer,
And whenever it snows, even in March or April.
Why not work up a little Christmas spirit in the off-season?
I mean why give up on White Chrismases just because the climate's weird?

I think what we need are more of us who celebrate
Peace on Earth good will toward men and wish each other joy,
Even when we're the only ones and we get the urge to sing Noel,
Because there's a dusting of snow on the trees and roofs and roads.

© 2014

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