Saturday, October 29, 2016

Love Played Out


Love Played Out

God gets a bad rap
From those who know His mind
And yet have never met Him
Nor studied the psychology of the infinity.

With impossible arrogance
We confidently accuse infinite love
Of being responsible for every evil thing
That we ourselves have done to one another.

We demand freedom
From God’s meddling ways
And then we turn around and blame Him
For not making us behave ourselves.

Love is the only thing
That awakens love in creatures
With the free will and self-awareness
That enables us to create as He does.

Infinite Love weeps while we discover
To our dismay that the gifts of choice
That make us what we are can be misused
And God won’t interfere until we’ve learned.

Love cannot be forced
Creation without free will and choice does not exist.
Infinite power must be restrained while classes
Are still in session and so long as we still are learning.

Love requires a demonstration
We learn by experience hard-earned.
We must see love played out before our eyes or we cannot
Allow Him to deliver us even from ourselves.

© 2016 by Tom King

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