Monday, May 14, 2018

The Moth Girls



The Moth Girls

Up and up the moth girls ascended
On heated zephyrs with iridescent wings,
Lifting them up toward the flickering stars
Above where aerie heights beckoned “Join us.”

And in their brief ascent toward the high places,
The moth girls touched the flames along the way;
Flames that fed the updrafts that were lifting them
In exchange for the kind of fuel that feeds a fire.

Hashtag angels, judged worthy by the very fire
That singed and blackened their nacreous wings;
Flames that judged their further worth by whether
Their youth and beauty had yet been all burned up.

Pity the moth girls weary of the long climb,
Wings tattered, crying out because to be a star
Seems now too great a price to ever pay,
Now that the aerie heights seem finally lost to them.

They join a thousand other me-too moth girls
Spinning down, trailing smoke, emitting thin pathetic screams
Because in the cold and pitiless air of the descent they feel
Their burned skin and the nakedness of their wings. 

And so, the hastag moth girls cry, “The cruel flames above;
That fed our giddy ascent must be extinguished!
For the brightness of the light must not draw the innocent
Upward toward our once high places, bought with our own iridescence.”

© 2018 by Tom King

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