Friday, October 26, 2018

I Cannot Help But Sing

I Cannot Help But Sing

I don’t know everything there is to know
I never took the time to find out why
The warm sun spins and the rivers roll
And time keeps flowing by
But I’m filled with wonder for I see
His love followed me around,
When I was lost He loved me and still
Loved me when I was found

Every plant and rock and breathing thing
Holds creation’s mystery.
I’ve searched not understanding,
What every sense was telling me
For love’s the very essence,
The song in every living thing
God’s breathing, silent, strong and free
And all nature cannot help but sing.

I cannot help but sing,
In the wind the music sounds
The very mountains ring with it,
The oceans roar and pound
A joyful percussion moving in me
So strong I could not help but sing
I know he’s watching over me
He loves me and I cannot help but sing.

© 2018 Tom King

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