Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By the Road to Ninevah

by Tom King

Build me a place in Your heart
Wherever that is.
You are so vast and yet so near
Beside me in the mess that is my life.
I do not know what is left undone.
I suppose You will tell me when you're ready.

It's not like you've given me a map or anything.
You said all things work together for good.
And then you leave me standing in the sand like Jonah,
Covered with vomit by the "Road to Ninevah" sign.
I still do not know what is left undone.
I only know I have a long uncomfortable walk ahead.

Is it too much to ask of you
As much as I love you, as far out as I am hanging,
To get a little more light on this trail here?
I can't see a thing from here.
How can I know what is left undone?
But I suppose I'll find out soon enough
……If my heart holds out.

(c) 2009

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