Monday, February 4, 2013

Vagabond Moon

Vagabond Moon
© 2008 by Tom King 

Neath a vagabond moon, on a crisp autumn night
I'm perched on the roof in the cold silver light 
Things are goin' too fast and they're always too slow 
And somewhere out there there is someone who knows 

Just how that feels... 
And just how my heart goes... 
And just why that old vagabond moon 
Makes me feel lonesome and cold. 

At the turn of the year, the sky's fadin' fast 
Tomorrow's not clear, my days seem all past
It's pale shapes I see, no forests, no trees 
Only shadows and whispers in the November breeze 

 Know just how that feels 
They know just how to sing 
The songs that make vagabond moons 
Feel so almighty lonesome and cold 

Just lookin' up there makes a man understand 
That it's true after all that he’s only a man 
It's God's moon every night and His sun every day 
And when He's finished with me it'll all be okay 

Cause He knows just how I feel... 
He knows just how to walk... 
In the shoes of a man 'neath a vagabond moon 
When the night is all lonesome and cold 

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