Monday, March 18, 2013

In the Wide World

(c) Glenn Sackett photograyphy - used by permission

By Tom King

In the wide world I have heard
               God’s voice singing with other tongues.
Far and away in places unexpected and hard sometimes
               To hear, but there all the same.

And I knew then, that I had been made
               To live forever; forever turning corners just like that
And finding bits of sweetness, bits of delight
               Like tiny shards of the glory that was Eden.

In the wide vault above me I have traced
               The paths where men have struggled to be near
The tingling heights where it seems by rights we should belong
               But never can quite reach.

And I know now, that I have been made
               To tread the skies with angels for companions
And put out my hand and touch His face
               Like a child would touch his Father’s cheek.

In the wide depths I have seen and I have felt
               The splendor of his workmanship and not alone
For even there some men still fight to save the evidence
               That we are only children in this vast creation.

And each man knows yet that he has been made
               To keep the gardens of the Earth; the skies, the seas
And in his inmost self, he knows the reason he was made
               And who it was that made him.

(c) April 1989 
Written during nap time at Lil’ Britches Day Care
*Photo by my friend and incredible photographer, Glenn Sackett

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