Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When the Summer Came

By Tom King

When the summer came
Oh, I had fine resolutions.
               I’ll bring her daisies every day,
                              And we will walk for hours in the sun

…And I did once or twice bring her daisies,
               But we never found the time
                              To walk in the sun

And now when summer’s gone
And God has touched the forests red and gold
               “I shall sing her songs by twilight,
                              And we shall hold hands in the gathering dusk.
…And I have writ the songs,
               But cannot sing them half so well
                              As my heart wants.

Never mind my darling
Never mind at all
               For dusk will surely gather and daisies bloom
                              And we have always
                                             Each others’ hands to hold.

*  Copyright 1986

Composed on a Commodore computer at Odyssey Harbor - June, 1986

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