Saturday, March 9, 2013

On Brevity and Loquacity...

Calvin Coolidge - Famous terse person
Ode to the Soul of Wit*
by Sheila King

I like my verse terse
Long sentences a curse
For minds that tend to wander

Redacting words is fun
Just say it and be done
Time is not to squander

Verbosity I do not toast.
It seems a bit to boast.
Leaving less to ponder.

*  I got the idea for this from a story I heard about Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge had a reputation as a man of few words. When he was president, a lady approached him at a dinner party once and said, "I bet my friend that I could get you to say more than two words to me." She smiled seductively and winked at him. Coolidge studied her for a moment and answered, "You lose!"

On the other hand.....

William Jennings Bryan - Famous big mouth

Ode to Verbosity
By Tom King

In the making of rhythms poetical
Too much brevity is for me antithetical
I find cuts editorial
Far too dictatorial
I find verses laconic heretical!

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