Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 17 - Rent-a-Grandpa

As a kid, I had grandfathers - some good, some not great.
But I've wanted to be one since I was twenty.
So I saved up some bits of my youth for the day
I'd have grandkids and great grandkids aplenty.

We had three of our own and we thought that should do it
To insure our descendants continue to breed
A generation or two at the least, but it seems,
That grandkids weren't something we need.

So I'm a cranky old geezer with a garage full of toys
I've left my canoes and my paddles behind.
My fishing pole's somewhere in Texas without me,
My sailboat's a memory that drifts 'cross my mind.

I'm a grandpa without any grandkids,
Got no one to teach funny songs to.
Or bounce on my knee. I can't tell my stories
To some kids that I actually belong to.

So, I just look like a grandpa, I've got the white hair.
I know all the grandpa stuff I need to know
So, I'm available to rent, just send your kids over.
I've toy soldiers and will tune up the banjo.

 © 2017 by Tom King

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