Friday, April 21, 2017

April 19 - I Do Not Age

I Do Not Age

Merlin the Magician had the right idea;
Deciding to age backwards each day.
As he explained to the Wart, "You see I do not age..."
Fingers steepled, "I youthen," he'd say.

So when I was sixty I decided  that I
Like the wizard would put age on the shelf.
No more getting older year after year,
I'd just start getting younger myself.

But now that I'm going on fifty-seven again,
I think the rest of me might just disagree.
My hip thinks it's ninety four, perhaps ninety five
My knees tell me they're near eighty three.

My shoulder says it's almost hit seventy-two.
My pancreas?  It's eleventy nine.

My back, though, for some reason, oddly enough,
Seems it's going with me back in time.

So now I'm a jumble of parts disconnected.
My hair has gone white since my youth.
You'd think it would bother me aging this way,
But I'm okay with it to tell you the truth.

Something will give out one day in the future
Or maybe one day in the past.
Whichever way it's going what expires the first,
Should still last just as long as it lasts.

© 2017 by Tom King

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