Friday, April 28, 2017

April 21 - Earth Day

Earth Day Founder Ira Einhorn

Earth Day

What fun we’ll have today. A grand old
Excuse to get back to nature, kick up our heels
On what once was Lenin’s birthday, but now a day
For making people feel guilty about their SUVs.

I remember that grand first Earth Day,
Founded by two senators one Democrat
And one who was Republican.
And a psychotic hippie environmental activist.

Who beat his girlfriend to death, composted her,
Then ran for Europe where they’re more progressive.
We don’t talk about that these days.
Instead we carry on about settled science

And how wonderful it would be if we had
A global government with environmentalist teeth to make
Developed nations, that Bill Nye says should be like Niger
Where they emit less carbon and sixty-one percent are poor,

Where they have the highest infant mortality in the world,
And live 18 fewer years than the rest of us.
And are miserable, dying, exploited, and despairing
Living worse than animals do on an American farm.

So we sing about a future, bright with gulags, tyrants,
Death, poverty, and disease in equal measure.
Misery for all for what we’ve done to the great rock
We Earth day celebrants anthropomorphize as Gaeia.

….And worship with sex, drugs, rock, and communism.

 ©  2017 by Tom King

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