Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8 - A Sabbath Nap

A Sabbath Nap

Today I had it all planned out, I would build a fire
  Listen to a Sabbath sermon on Youtube
      My favorite pastor too and then I'd take a little nap.
          I even covered up the attic squirrel we'd caught last night to keep it warm.

  The dog we're babysitting woke me up
     Decided we needed to play ball right now
          Outside in the drizzle and she dropped a soggy tennis ball
              Into my lap and barked into my ear.

Later this morning, after our ball game, I thought I could
   Still get in a quiet sermon and a doze for an hour.
       Maybe I'd read a bit, have a sandwich and some cold iced tea.
           I made decaf tea in anticipation - no caffeine to disturb my nap.

   Then the ambulance came and with it 5 burly firemen
       They checked her out and said the wife would be okay
             Some kind of stomach problem; probably should see
                 Her doc sometime next week or so. Then, I released the squirrel.

After noon I walked the dog down to the mailbox
    It's a quarter mile from the house a healthy stroll
         No mail yet, so then we threw the ball till she got tired and hid it
             And I went inside to prop my feet up in my chair.

   It was lunch time by then and I hit the freezer and the microwave
       I accidentally made the spicy one first time - no dice,
           So I made my Sweet Baboo another milder one and set aside the Cajun chicken.
               Then checked the dog who was by now napping peacefully.

So this afternoon, I ate my spicy lunch then settled back
   With a warm stomach and a glass of decaf tea.
       And as I finished up, I check to see that all was well
           And began to close my eyes, my blanket warm about me.

   I looked up to find the dog, a mouthful of ball giving me the eye.
      I talked her into another walk to the mailbox instead.
          On our way back, her humans came home, so we gathered up
             Her pile of blankets, the crate and doggie underpants.

I sat back down - I'd enter all my contacts into my new smartphone
   I figured if I fell asleep no harm, but then the ice storm started and more rain.
      I was finally done with most of what I had to do.
           And found myself once more in my comfy chair and drifting off.

    There arose a roaring in the fireplace and I'd put too much wood
        On the flames and the heat had set the inside of the chimney
            On fire. The smoke alarm went off, I pulled it down.
              And sprayed up the flu with the fire extinguisher.

I've cleaned up the mess, now and the sun is going down.
   Too late for a nap, too early yet to go to bed.
      Thank you God for all my little troubles here this Sabbath day.
           It lets me know I'm still alive and useful.

No "buts" this time.

© 2017 by Tom King          

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