Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 1 - The Six W's

The Six W’s
By Tom King

Growing old I find at this late stage in life ain’t fun.
Growing old is one of the few journeys in the world
Where the voyage itself was a lot more fun than voyage’s end;
Where your destination was not the place you thought it would be.

It does seem a little sad to me, that my expectations were so mistaken.
It does seem a bit ironic in a way, and not in a good way,
When we were young, alive and full of vigor, we did not understand.
When we were so anxious to grow up, we missed the part about growing old.

I miss my youth more now than when I was busy raising kids of my own.
I miss my senses; the clean feeling of touch in my toes and hands and face
What is left of me is not quite the man that I had hoped to be.
What remains is not the man I feared I might become.

I can’t tell you if things might have gone better had I made other choices.
I can’t tell you if in the time that has been granted to me to make my choices,
Whether I have come to the place I once set out for as a child or
Whether or not I came here all this long way, entirely of my own volition.

All I do know in the warm light of day’s end is that I am content.
All I do know in the stillness of the twilight of my life is that,
Who I am is who I might have wanted to be back then and
Who I am is not the miserable old man I might have once become.

I got here on a path that I thank God I had the sense to choose when I was young.
I got here, not by the easy smooth road, but by the high path and hard trail.
Why I came the way I did was His doing not mine for I’d have chosen easier ways.
Why I came here was grace entire; the inevitable gift of love if only you’d have it.

© by Tom King

© 2009 by Chris JL - Some rights reserved

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