Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 7 - The Song of Eeyore

The Song of Eeyore
By Tom King

We see the pain in those we love, in their eyes.
We see the sadness engulf a tender heart and want to help.
And we draw conclusions often wrong – we did not know;
Stepping back instead because we fear to intrude.

They need not isolation, the cheerless ones;
They need not to be alone with the grinding pain.
But we hesitate to take them in for fear of doing harm,
Holding back when we should be drawing in.

Pooh knew the answer, so his friend always came with the gang.
Pooh knew that adventures have the power to heal a wounded soul.
So he would take his friend along without demanding that he
Should be happy when they all understood that he could not.

You understand what it’s like; you do not want the pity either.
You understand what it’s like; you want to be a part of everything.
Just as who you are, even with your quirks, your joys, your sadnesses;
Just as one of the gang, going along on an adventure.
© 2016 by Tom King
© 1994 by Micah King

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