Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 8 - She's Going Away

She’s Going Away
By Tom King

She’s going home for a while.
There’s a cousin with a dying husband,
She’s needed there; more so than here.
Besides, she thinks it’ll be a good thing.
I’m being left behind,
Just me and the dog,
And a mound of unfinished business.
It’s not that I mind getting my own supper,
I’ve been doing that anyway for a while.
It’s not the household chores, she knows
They won’t be done to her standard.
She’ll fuss and fumigate when she comes home.
I worry will she be all right without me,
To bring her morning coffee,
Her meds and breakfast in bed?
I worry most that she might find,
That running around with Cousin Kay
Is a lot more fun than putting up with me.
What if she doesn’t come back?
What if something bad happens to her,
And I’m not there for her
And she calls out for me
And I am 3000 miles away.
What would I do?
If my phone was out of minutes,
And I could not hear her voice.

ã 2016 by Tom King

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