Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3 - 'Nanner Puddin'

'Nanner Puddin'
 By Tom King

I'm on a diabetic diet and I wanted me a treat
So I got some pudding – sugar free – at the store just down the street.
Got some wafers of vanilla, sugar free and nothing less
And milk, fat free and no cholesterol my arteries to stress.

I got bananas, ripe and yellow; sliced 'em up before they spoiled
Then I mixed the pudding and I cooked it in a pot until it boiled.
Then I poured it in a bowl, with bananas and some cookies;
Arranged the cookies in a circle, we ain't no decoratin' rookies.

Next here comes the waitin' part. The bowl goes in the fridge.
To thicken up the pudding and to cool it just a smidge.
I sit back in my recliner; wound the dial on my timer.
And as I waited my Sweet Baboo sends me this reminder…

"Oh, it's not banana pudding without a dollop of whipped cream,
"You can even stir it in the pudding for a texture that's a dream."
So I got up without thinking, added Cool Whip, oh how sweet!
As I contaminated blithely, my fancy diabetic treat.

Oh I didn't need it anyway, I should really avoid the dairy,
Bananas? Well, they're iffy, make my glucose levels kinda scary
And those carbohydrates in the cookies I should probably forgo.
Oh well, no 'nanner puddin', I'll have a bowl of kale………to go!

© 2016 by Tom King

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