Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 10 - It's the Sun Stupid

It’s the Sun Stupid
By Tom King

I went out on the porch in the morning one day.
The sun had come up in the usual way.

The radio sat playing inside of the kitchen.
NPR had a scientist on the air just a bitchin’.

We’re destroying the planet he knowingly opined.
It’s your car, it’s your dinner, it’s your lifestyle he whined.

You people quite obviously don’t give a darn.
That your selfish pursuits make Earth terribly warm.

Yes the warming is global he shouted and lectured.
All the scientists agree, it’s not just conjectured.

We’ve monitored temps from weather monitoring stations.
Like the one in our parking lot near the heat pump’s location.

The planet’s getting warmer they tell us for certain,
And if we do not do sumpin’ we’re all gonna be hurtin’.

I sat down to ponder the points he did pose.
Felt the heat of the sun on my face as it rose.

And it suddenly struck me as I sat there a thinkin’.
I thought and I thought till the sun started sinkin’.

Then, I noticed it’s colder when the sun’s out of sight.
Maybe, just maybe there’s a connection alright.

Maybe, I thought, if the temp’s going up.
Then maybe the sun’s thermostat’s been turned up.

I suspect if the globe’s climate changed I know why.
It’s that nuclear heater way up in the sky. 

© 2016 by Tom King

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