Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13 - The Myth of Power

The Myth of Power
By Tom King

A wise man said once that power corrupts,
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
But I think he was wrong and it’s always been
An opinion I’ve held resolutely.

You see it’s not power itself that’s the problem,
Anymore than a spoon causes fatitude.
It’s that power attracts the corruptible sort.
It attracts those with a corruptible attitude.

It’s the smarmy, the sleazy, the evil and slimy,
That you find drawn to places of power.
That give us the fits, when they once get their mitts.
On the keys to that terrible dark tower.

It’s hard for a man with money and power,
To pass the eye of the heavenly needle.
There’s only one way and that’s on his knees
It does no good to bargain or wheedle.

So I say to the snake oil salesman parade,
To the charlatans, frauds, and rich few,
You may win for a season, but a reckoning comes,
For there’s a power that’s greater than you.

© 2016 by Tom King

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