Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 12 - Nesting


There are four eggs this morning
  In the nest, I found in among the creeping Charlie vines.
Four days ago there were none,
  Only a carefully crafted hollow circle among the leaves.

I frightened her this morning
  When I went to water the planter.
She flew just out of reach and sat
Chittering at me from the banister.
With just 13 days to warm her hatchlings
 She's little time to play hide and seek with me.
In and out among the leaves and empty bird houses
  That I hung about, an offered home that she did not accept..

A conservative bird she'd rather choose a home herself
   Than settle for a public housing option.
Provided by me, a bloke she doesn't know at all
   But one who has the time to earn her trust.

© 2014 by Tom King

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