Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14 - Fruit


This wrinkled flower doesn't look like much
Thin, scraggly small, purposeful.
Kind of homely truth be told - all business.
Not like their showier cousins
Putting all their energy into gaudy colors;
Into dressing up for the springtime display.
All flash in spring, then gone

Some seeds left behind for another spring to come.
But in the autumn , where each ugly blossom
Clung to thorny vines or stumpy, scraggly trees
There will hang a bit of fruit.
And it is to the scattered places;
To the gnarled branches and prickly vines
Where the tiny blossoms did their work;
All business in the gardens and the orchards -
It's there one goes for sustenance.

© 2014 by Tom King

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