Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 29 - The Pickle Conundrum

The Pickle Conundrum

Sweet relish and kosher dills
Sour pickles, sweet gherkins
Dill gherkins, bread and butters
Refrigerator pickles

Pickled peppers, pickled plums,
Pickled onions, green tomatoes
Tsukemonos and slippery Jacks
Pickled and Polish dills

German dills, half-sour pickles
Lime pickles and koolickles
Watermelon rind pickles, pickled beets
Pickled okra and asparagus

Garlic dills and spicy dills
Cabbage pickles, pickled carrots
Mango pickles, pickles deep fried
Sweet and dill pickle chips

A sandwich with pickles
Is a beautiful thing
But how do you choose
Which goes on the bread?

© 2014 by Tom King

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