Monday, April 14, 2014

April 13 - Standing Stones


Standing Stones

It's what you know that isn't so
That presents the difficulty
I heard an archaeologist today opine
Standing in the wet and sultry
Bogs of Ireland. He said how druids worshipped
At the standing stones just there beyond the fence.
"These massive objects were there placed that primitives
Might worship their gods," said he with confidence.
Then I took the dogs for a walk just down the street
And in scarce a mile from where we have our beds
Found five not-so-ancient standing stones
Thrusting from five women's flowerbeds.

One wonders what an archaeologist might think
A thousand years from now to find we'd hauled a ten-ton stone
From 20 miles away and stood it on its end upright
In Mama's garden there before our home?
"Common practice among these primitives  I'm sure,"
Scholars in the distant future will wrinkle up their noses.
At our ignorance for every scholar knows that no one
Would lift a ten-ton rock just to compliment the roses.
No it must have some significance.
Religious or political – perhaps a monument
To some local battle, conquest or event.
The giant boulder was set to document.

One wonders if the television archaeologist
Got right the reason early man created megoliths,  
Or did some prehistoric mama nag her mate
Till he finally set one up, her rhododendrons to go with
In the flower bed beside the path
Before the house, the neighbors to impress?
Given the lengths to which a modern man would go
Perhaps an ancient man might succumb to such duress.
I rather suspect that ancient woman could apply  
The same force of inspiration as her modern counterpart.
More than religion, I believe man's greatest works
Were to appease not angry gods, but to support domestic art.

© 2014 by Tom King

You wonder what future archeologists would think of this one......?

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